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SALBIS attends the III Research Conferences of the San Juan de Dios Foundation “Digital Transformation in Sociosanitary Environments, Sustainability and Participatory Societies”

On April 24th and 25th, the III Research Conference of the San Juan de Dios Foundation “Digital Transformation in Social and Health Environments, Sustainability and Participatory Societies” took place in León. Among the invited speakers, our director Pilar Marqués and compañera Leticia Sánchez. We were also accompanied by 4 undergraduate students in Nursing and a […]

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Pilar Marqués builds bridges for possible collaborations with SALBIS, University of León, with the University of Southampton in the study of networks applied to chronic patients

It has been a week full of meetings with different members of the team with whom PhD. Vassilev works, who work with the GENIE program, aimed at providing resources to the chronic patient. PhD. Marqués-Sánchez could see first-hand how the program worked and meet with Primary Care professionals who are working with him. He was also able to meet […]

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Course of Social Networks Analysis, testing hypothesis through multiple analysis of partner matrices

During the days 5 and 6 of February of 2018, a training course on Social Network Analysis was conducted, testing hypotheses through multiple partner matrix analysis organized by the SALBIS Group at the Ponferrada Campus of the University of León. The speaker who gave the course was PhD. Mr. Ignacio Ramos Vidal, professor of Social Psychology […]

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Call for Papers for the Special Issue of Social Network Analysis (SNA) & Health

The Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Southampton) in collaboration with the SALBIS Group (University of León), make a call of papers to the Special Issue of SNA (Social Network Analysis) and Health. All the information about it (deadline, editors, etc.) can be found at the following link:

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Doctoral thesis: Semantic Technologies applied to Social Network Analysis in health.

Last December 1, 2017, our mate José Alberto Benítez Andrades, defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Semantic Technologies applied to Social Network Analysis in health” at Degree Rom in Escuela de Ingenierías Industrial e Informática  , at the Universidad de León. You can download the memory of the doctoral thesis, as well as the presentation: Doctoral Thesis memory. Presentation.  

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