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SALBIS appears on La Aventura del Saber on TVE 2 in the series “Sustainable Universe” (3 February).

On 3 February, the series “Universo Sostenible” was broadcast on the programme “La aventura del saber” (The Adventure of Knowledge), which is shown from Monday to Thursday from 9:55 to 11:00 on TVE’s La 2. The series included a special on Social Networks in which our colleague José Alberto Benítez Andrades was able to give […]

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11-F-International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Dr. Pilar Marqués-Sánchez. Director of the SALBIS Research Group.

Pilar Marqués defines herself as a nurse scientist and lover of technology at the service of care. Throughout her career, she has found people who have inspired her. The subject of Social Network Analysis is the central topic of her research. She encourages women and girls who are curious to face unanswered questions and to […]

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Members of the Salbis group, in collaboration with personal teacher and researcher from the University of Vigo and the ULE, publish in Sensors the article “Analysis of postural control when sitting by means of pressure mapping in patients with multiple sclerosis, spinal injury spinal cord and Friedreich’s Ataxia syndrome: a case series study”

On November 13, 2020, ULE researchers, including several linked to the SALBIS group (María Mercedes Reguera García, Beatriz Alonso-Cortés Fradejas), and to the physiotherapy area (Lorena Álvarez-Barrio) and a researcher from the University of Vigo (Raquel Leirós Rodríguez) published the article “Analysis of Postural Control in Sitting by Pressure Mapping in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal […]

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SALBIS’S participation in the “New” science week 2020

“Science Week”; initiative coordinated by the University of Valladolid Science Park and the collaboration of the Ministry of Education through the Fundación Universidades y Enseñanzas Superior de Castilla y León. This year these actions have been an important effort and challenge; to adapt activities to the new situation and innovate in new ways of communicating, […]

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Family values, customs and structures in 1901: a look at current cultural care: interview on Radio Bierzo

28th October 2020, our colleague Elena Andina Díaz from the SALBIS Research Group was interviewed by RadioBierzo (Cadena SER) ( to talk about an investigation that carried out together with Néstor Serrano Fuentes. The research discusses the customs of the Bierzo society (Leon, Spain) in 1901, compiling data from the Madrid Athenaeum Survey. “Family values, […]

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Measures against Covid on the Ponferrada Campus: Interview at 8 Bierzo TV

Our colleague from the SALBIS group Arrate Pinto Carral, as member of the Covid Surveillance Unit at the Ponferrada Campus, participated last Thursday 22 in an interview for the regional television channel La 8 Bierzo, together with José Álvarez Rodríguez (Pepe), representative of the Administration and Services staff.   This pooling of measures taken in the Campus […]

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SALBIS research group participates in the III Simpósio Internacional Network Science (Brazil)

On October 20th 2020, the researcher associated with the SALBIS research group, María Antonia Ovalle Perandones presented a lecture at the opening conference in the  III Simpósio Internacional Network Science, with title “Pandemic evidence of SNA” and the research group members of SALBIS were identified in the co-author network of the journal IJERPH.   One day later, […]

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The Ponferrada campus nursing room students reinforce the importance of breast hygiene in the university community with their collaboration.

The fourth year students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the Ponferrada campus, led by teachers Enedina Quiroga and Sofia Martínez, have participated in the development of different informative videos in order to promote awareness and reinforce to the university community the importance of hand hygiene during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Elena Fernández gives the inaugural lecture for the 2020/2021 academic year at the Ponferrada Campus of the University of León

Our colleague Elena Fernández has been in charge of teaching the inaugural lesson of the 2020/2021 academic year at the Ponferrada Campus of the University of León. Under the title “Year 2020, adapting to the pandemic. Role of emotions”, has developed and compiled the work carried out by our research group on this topic. The […]

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Analysis of pandemic situation data by COVID19 by José Alberto Benítez Andrades

We are currently living with the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the well-known COVID19 disease. It is completely undeniable that this virus is still with us and that we must maintain the necessary hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the virus from causing a health emergency situation, such as the one we are already experiencing […]

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