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Introductory course to Social Network Analysis (SNA) on July 8, 2019

On July 8, the university extension course “Course of Social Network Analysis (SNA) initiation” will be given, aimed at all university students, professionals and people in general who wish to optimize their interpersonal networks, as well as motivated researchers. to explore the ARS or apply it to your research line. In it we will know […]

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Pilar Marqués joins the “Group 40 + Nursing Initiative”, within the working group “Nursing Research”.

The group is made up of 40 Spanish nurses. Its objective is to propose future initiatives and promote their dissemination in order to generate opinion and influence decision-making that affects the profession. Members of Grupo40 + Nursing Initiative Working group in the area of research Nurse. From left to right Nuria de Árguila. Hospital Cruz […]

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New Doctoral Thesis co-directed from SALBIS in collaboration with the European University of Madrid

Doctoral Thesis: Competency model for the Nurse Manager (MCGE) Author: Alberto González García Directors: Dr. Pilar Marqués, Dr. Arrate Pinto, Dr. Jesús Sanz University: European University of Madrid Doctoral program: Biomedicine and Health Sciences Dr. Pilar Marqués and Dr. Arrate Pinto members of the SALBIS Group, co-directed together with Dr. Jesús Sanz (European University of Madrid) the […]

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Last Stem talent girl sesion with the mentor Carmen Benavides at the School of Engineering

In this session they improved their knowledge about one of the most amazing invent that has totally changed our lifestyle, INTERNET. They have learnt the Internet architecture and used a packet analyzer to discover the format of packets that travell through the network. Also, they have enjoyed a meeting with students of computer science and […]

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Educational Innovation Award 2019

Title: Interdisciplinary learning through cooperative work in the field of new information and communication technologies and health sciences Main Researcher: Prof. Isaías García Rodriguez (SECOMUCI Research Group, University of León) Participants of SALBIS research group:: Prof. Carmen Benavides, PhD. Jose Alberto Benítez, Prof. Pilar Marqués-Sánchez y PhD. Mercedes Reguera. Colaborador del Grupo de investigación SECOMUCI: Prof. […]

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SALBIS research group contacts researchers at the University of Beira Interior in Covilha thanks to ILDEFE

Last week, during the 4th and 5th of April, our partners José Enrique Bayón and José Alberto Benítez traveled to Covilha thanks to ILDEFE within the project “Espacio Talento Joven” with funding from the Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, POCTEP. In this trip they coincided with other researchers from the University of León, among them, researchers […]

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The SALBIS research group receives a colleague from the University of Minho through the ERASMUS mobility program

Fatima Martins, Professor of Nursing at the University of Minho (Portugal), participates with the Salbis group and the Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the University of León in the exchange of research experiences for future projects between both institutions. It has been a pleasure to share this week with your company.

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Social Networks Analysis Course promoted by the San Juan de Dios Foundation of Madrid

Pilar Marqués teaches Social Networks Analysis course at the University of Nebrija, organized by the San Juan de Dios Foundation of Madrid. Psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, nurses and mathematicians were the students of this workshop. It was a group with high level and great motivation when discovering the tool of the ARS. The number of researchers […]

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The SALBIS group has participated in the I Conference on Immigration: Building together

The Salbis group has participated in the 1st CONFERENCE ON IMMIGRATION: BUILDING TOGETHER, held in Ponferrada on March 21, organized by Caritas Diocesana de Astorga and Social Services of the Municipality of Ponferrada. Our colleague Enedina Quiroga, was in charge of the data management of this roundtable; with participants from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, […]

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