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The SALBIS group participated with a guest symposium entitled “Addictions and Social Networks” in the II International conference on prevention

The SALBIS group participated with a guest symposium entitled “Addictions and Social Networks” in the II International conference on prevention: Addictions and other problematic behaviors held at the Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry of the University of Seville. The symposium was formed by the following presentations: Analysis of social networks. Basic concepts and applicability […]

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SALBIS participates in the European Researchers’ Night 2019 at the University of León

On Friday 27 September 2019, the European Researchers’ Night took place at the Palacio de Gaviria (León). This event, in which the University of León participated for the first time, aims to bring science closer to the general public. By means of a series of microchats, of no more than 15 minutes, and different workshops, […]

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European Academy of Nursing Science. Summer School for Doctoral Studies.

Between 1st and 12th July, the Summer School for Doctoral Students of the European Academy of Nursing Science took place. Néstor Serrano Fuentes (one of the Spanish representatives from the University of Southampton and member of the SALBIS research group) was elected as a representative after a process of selection, along with 35 other students […]

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Enredando2019 monitored and analyzed through NodeXL

SMR Foundation, owner of Node XL, detected that we were talking about them in the V Summer Course in ARS and Health, and monitored our twitters, graphing our network. #enREDando2019 via NodeXL Top hashtags:#enredando2019#ars#sna#enredando#8m#bierzo#socialnetwork#socnet#salud — SMR Foundation (@smr_foundation) July 11, 2019 They analyzed us using their own tool, NodeXL, and …. – We were […]

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Professors Pilar Marqués and Arrate Pinto were invited on July 11 to the Magazine of TV-8.

Briefly stated the goal of the V Summer Course in Social Network Analysis, “Enredando2019”. They underlined not only the high level of presentations and communications, but also the good harmony between the attendees. This course format unites lectures, workshops, presentation of research papers, meetings between researchers and a route made by the participants. This year […]

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