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Award for best Doctoral Thesis of Nursing granted by Nursing in Development and FUDEN

Nursing management becomes visible to society and political and health managers Dr. Alberto González has been awarded for his doctoral thesis entitled “Competence Model for the Nursing Manager”. This recognition took place at the Nursing in Development Awards Gala, of the FUDEN Foundation, on November 28 at the Capitol Cinema in Madrid. González is a […]

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Transferred Knowledege networks in the XXIII International Nursing Research Conference

Lara Martínez Gimeno, a professor at the Centro Universitario San Rafael Nebrija, and a member of the Salbis Group, attended the 23rd International Nursing Research Conference, held in Barcelona from the 20th until the 22nd of November 2019, presenting a communication entitled “Content Validity of a questionnaire to explore transferred knowledge networks”, related to her […]

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SALBIS attends the congress CIDICO Congress 2019

Our partners Mª Antonia Ovalle, Cristina Liébana, Leticia Sánchez and Elena Fernández participate in the I International Congress of Teaching Innovation and Research in Higher Education: A challenge for the AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE, which was held from November 20 to 22, 2019 in Madrid. This I Congress organized by the SEJ-473 Research Group of […]

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Master’s visity, students of the University of Nayarit

Marco Esteban Morales Rojas and Daniela Hermosillo Herández have made a stay with the Research Group for two months. During their stay at the University of León, they have carried out various activities, such as interventions at the El Plantío Day Center, with MIR students at El Bierzo Hospital, with Nursing Degree students at the […]

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Nursing students propose technology as a tool for more humane care

On November 13th, professors Pilar Marqués and Mª Elena Fernádez of the SALBIS Group (University of León), organized the First Nursing Forum for Society, entitled: The visibility of nurse management: the power of the reflexive monologue. In the act, the true protagonists were the Nursing students of the Ponferrada Campus of the fourth year. They committed […]

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The SALBIS group participated with a guest symposium entitled “Addictions and Social Networks” in the II International conference on prevention

The SALBIS group participated with a guest symposium entitled “Addictions and Social Networks” in the II International conference on prevention: Addictions and other problematic behaviors held at the Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry of the University of Seville. The symposium was formed by the following presentations: Analysis of social networks. Basic concepts and applicability […]

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