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The SALBIS Research group at the University of León values their research activities

The SALBIS Research group of the University of León carried out an assessment of its performance in the 2019-2020 academic year. For all researchers in the group, this academic year has been especially marked by the COVID-19 context. Due to this pandemic situation, some investigations had to stop. However, the exceptional situation was demanding other […]

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Nestor participates in a webinar about Florence Nightingale on May 12, International Nurses’ Day

Our colleague Néstor participated in a webinar on Florence Nightingale on 12th May, the International Nurses Day. The Fundación Index organised it and its aim was to uncover lesser-known aspects of the British nurse and the transfer of her actions and thinking to the current social scenarios, such as the coronavirus pandemic, the role of […]

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Dissemination article in Unileon in Positive Magazine of the Six Stop Test Test project

Mercedes Reguera, member of the SALBIS Group, and collaborators have participated in “Unileon in positive” through the publication of the Six Stop Test. This publication is the explanation of the study that is being carried out “Six Spot Step Test in people with intellectual disabilities” framed in the Project “Reliability and Validity of the Six-Step […]

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Interview with Arrate Pinto Carral from SALBIS Group about the health consequences of teleworking

Since last March, many people have been doing the work from home, i.e. teleworking. Despite the fact that teleworking has many advantages, it can be quite harmful to our health, both physically and mentally. Our colleague Arrate Pinto Carral, from the SALBIS group, together with Cristina Suarez, Professor of Physiotherapy at the Ponferrada Campus of […]

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SALBIS and SECOMUCI present virtual work on cybersecurity at WorldCIST 2020

This year the “8th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies WorldCIST’20” was to be held in Budva, Montenegro, from 6 to 11 April 2020. Due to the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves because of the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic, the organization of the event has given the opportunity to the speakers to present […]

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SALBIS participates at the BIOSTEC 2020 conference presenting a paper of Healthy and Happy application

This week, on February 24th, 25th and 26th, the “International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies” (BIOSTEC 2020) was held in Valletta, Malta. This conference is a union of 5 different congresses: BIODEVICES – Biomedical Electronics and Devices BIOIMAGING BIOINFORMATICS – Bioinformatics Models, Methods and Algorithms BIOSIGNALS – Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing […]

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SALBIS at the Nursing Connect International Conference

From February 24 to 26, SALBIS Research group was at the Nursing Connect International Nursing Conference held in Lisbon (Portugal). María López (University of Valladolid), Roser Fernández (University of Cantabria) and Néstor Serrano (University of Southampton) were part of the panel discussion, “Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Nursing”. Pilar Marqués organised this panel to disseminate […]

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SALBIS, along with other professionals, in the #VCongresoFisioterapiayDolor

On February 13, 14 and 15, the 5th International Congress of Physiotherapy and Pain was held in Zaragoza, where topics related to the current approach based on active coping strategies for people with pain and the latest advances in pain neurophysiology were discussed. Arrate Pinto Carral, as a member of SALBIS research group, together with […]

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