Lara Martínez Gimeno

Nurse of the Resuscitation Service of the University Hospital of Móstoles and methodological adviser of the Research Area. Member of the Research Commission and the Ethics Committee.

Teacher School of Nursing of the Red Cross (UAM). Methodological Adviser of the Physiotherapists Association of Madrid. Professor and Member of the Advisory Board of the Coordination and Development of Care Research Unit (Investen-Isciii).

University Diploma in Nursing (UCM); Degree in Humanities (European University of Madrid) and PhD in Health Sciences (University of León). Currently developing doctoral thesis (line: PBE).

Participation in projects financed by the Health Research Fund: “Gender and urinary incontinence” and “Relationship between patient safety, provision and training of nurses RN4 CAST- Spain”.

Research line: Use of Research and Evidence Based Practice.

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