Raquel Leirós Rodríguez

Currently I am working as a PhD Assistant Professor in the area of ​​Physiotherapy, teaching theoretical and practical topics on issues intrinsic to the practice of physiotherapy in the clinical field. Previously, between 2015 and 2020 I worked as an associate and interim teacher at the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the University of Vigo and for ten years in different physiotherapy clinics.

My academic training after obtaining the degree in Physiotherapy, includes a Master and Doctorate in Research in Physical Activity, Sports and Health (University of Vigo) and postgraduate training in Myofascial Induction (Autonomous University of Madrid), Maitland® Concept (IMTA) and Obstetrics, Uro-Gynecological and Integral Pelvi-Perineal Physiotherapy (CRF Amostegui), among others.

My lines of research include the development of new clinical assessment instruments, the evaluation of physiotherapy treatment techniques and methods and the impact of lifestyle on health.

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