Mª José Álvarez Álvarez

I teach in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of León, as a member of the Physiotherapy Area, in subjects related to Pediatric and Respiratory Physiotherapy and the field of assessment in Physiotherapy. I collaborate with the Spanish Society of Physiotherapy in Pediatrics (Sefip), in the training of specialists in Pediatric Physiotherapy in various Universities and Institutions of the national territory.

My academic training is Diploma in Physiotherapy by the University of Oviedo. University Expert in Respiratory Physiotherapy by the University of A Coruña and in Pediatric Physiotherapy by the University of León. Master in Education and Communication in the Network by the National University of Distance Education (UNED).

My research is focused on the effects of various physiotherapy methods when applied to premature newborns, in the framework of the PreMas research project http://www.premas.es/es/.


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