José Alberto Benítez Andrades

Associate Professor (tenure) in the area of Electrical Engineering and Systems and Automation at the University of León.

I have been teaching since 2013-2014, teaching subjects in the Degree in Computer Engineering, Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Degree in Electronic Engineering, especially focused on the initiation to programming in high level languages (C language and derivatives) and also low level languages (assembler), as well as Internet services and subjects related to Knowledge Engineering.

My research lines are mainly focused on Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the field of Semantic Web and the use and application of ontologies to different fields, currently uniting this discipline to the Social Network Analysis.

I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Leon (2006-2010), later the Master in Languages and Computer Systems (Specialization in Web Language Technologies) at the UNED (2011-2013) and finished my doctoral studies in the program of Engineering in Production and Computing at the University of León with my doctoral thesis entitled “Semantic Technologies applied to the Social Network Analysis in the field of Health”.

My final project was carried out in the company INDRA SISTEMAS S.A. and I worked for 8 years as managing partner in a company of which I am a founding partner called INDIPROWEB S.L. (


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