Jorge Vega Núñez

Director of Innovation and Technological Development of the Associated Centers of the UNED (INTECCA, Responsible for Innovation and Technology of the Northwest Campus of the UNED since 2008. Researcher of the SALBIS Research Group of the University of León since 2010. Researcher of the MIO Research Group from the University of León since 2014.). Tutor Professor of the UNED since 1990, 25 years of experience in the management of public and private entities.

My academic background is PhD in Economics, Master in Processes of International Economic Integration (Europe and Latin America). Master in Quality Management of University Centers. EFQM European Accredited Evaluator.

My research is focused on Innovation and Technological Development applied to three areas of knowledge: Education, Social Economy and Territorial Development, leading the Territorial Observatory of the Northwest (collaboration between UNED, ULE and CIUDEN) in which more than 100 researchers from several universities of the Iberian Northwest (Spanish and Portuguese).


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