Ana Belén Arredondo Provecho

Diploma in Nursing from the University of León and Degree in Humanities from the University Carlos III of Madrid. PhD in Health Sciences from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid.
Master’s Degree in Epidemiology, Public Health. Diploma in Business Nursing. Master’s Degree in Business Prevention Management. Diploma in Healthcare and University Expert in Nursing Services Management. Continuing education Degree of Specialization in Health Research Methodology. Certificate of pedagogical aptitude for secondary education teachers. Specialized didactics: health technology.
I am collaborating in different researching projects. I have published 3 book chapters, some guides for healthcare professionals and several research publications related to: Hospital Hygiene, Nursing Competences in Prevention, Control of Infections Associated to Healthcare and partner violence against women and minors.
I am coordinating and teaching in several continuing education courses about specialized care.
I am currently studying a master’s degree in Health Administration, and, at the same tima, I am a nurse in the Quality, Training and Research Service at the University Welfare Complex of León and a part-time associate professor at the University of León.
My extensive experience in health care and my continuous training, together with my organized and continuous work methodology, make my discipline the key of my professional success, placing the patient at the center of my career.
The motivation and my continuous work capacity are the key of sharing my concerns and facing new challenges

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