Víctor Fernández Viloria

First year student of the Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of León, hired as a Research Support Technician. Working as a research technician in the SALBIS research group.

I started my work as a Research Support Technician in July 2019 at the University of León as a beneficiary of the Youth Guarantee grants. At present I am still working as a research support technician within the SALBIS research group.

I do not currently have any research lines, but my work is focused on the technical development of the Healthy and Happy project, as well as the preparation of the relevant application for children and adults in the Expociencia that will take place this year in Ponferrada from 10 to 14 February and in León from 17 to 21 February 2020.

My academic training in the area of computer science started with a higher degree in Computer Applications Development in Ponferrada, at the Instituto Virgen de la Encina in Ponferrada (2010-2012). Later I jumped to the University of Leon studying the Degree in Computer Engineering (2012-2018) and a year later (2019), I started my studies in the Master in Computer Engineering at the University of Leon while I continue combining my tasks as a research support technician in the SALBIS group.

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