Mª Cristina Martínez Fernández

I studied the Degree in Nursing at the University of León (2011-2015), then Master’s Degree in Research in Social and Health Sciences (2015-2016). I did my PhD in the Health and Human Motricity programme (2019-2022), being PhD Cum Laude with the thesis entitled “Emotional intelligence, stress, coping and social networks in cannabis use in adolescent students”.

After working in the healthcare field in units such as oncohematology, haemodialysis, internal medicine, infectious diseases, among others. I started at the University of León as an associate lecturer in 2019, while I combined this work with healthcare practice. In 2021 I started as an Assistant at the University of León and I am currently a Permanent Lecturer.

My main teaching load focuses on subjects related to adult nursing and psychiatric and mental health nursing.

My research focuses on health, wellbeing, mental health, risk behaviours and social network analysis.



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