José Enrique Bayón Darkistade

I am currently a professor of Physiology. I teach in several faculties, mainly Neurology, Physiology and Physiopathology and I am a Professor in charge of Hematology and Hemotherapy.

In the field of Development Cooperation, I participate in different University Masters and Non-Formal Education. In a regular way I am a tutor within the PAT of Nursing and a proofreader in the entrance exams to the University.

Doctor in Biological Sciences from the University of León, I completed my training with various postdoctoral fellowships such as the EEC-BIOMED 1, which supported my research within the Department of Biophysics, Biochemistry and Chemistry of the Macromolecules of the University of Trieste.

My research has focused mainly on the molecular transport in liver as in placenta, and we describe for the first time the active canalicular transport of bilirubin and, in addition, in metabolism of Cholesterol and Bile Acids, with repercussion in the alimentary habits. Currently I collaborate with the SALBIS group in Social Determinants of Health.

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