Óscar Rodríguez Nogueira

I started working as a teacher in the academic year 2011-2012, teaching as an associate professor simultaneously at the International University of Catalonia (UIC) and the Bagès University Foundation (FUB), both located in the province of Barcelona. I was at the UIC for only one academic year. At the FUB I continued until the 2016-17 academic year. In both institutions I taught the Degree in Physiotherapy. In 2017 I move my residence to the province of Ourense and I start my teaching stage at the University of León, Ponferrada Campus, as an associate lecturer in the academic year 2017-18. I remain in that University as an visitant professor until the academic year 2019-20 during which I access to a position as Teaching Assistant, in which I remain at present, always teaching in the Degree of Physiotherapy

My line of research focuses on the Therapeutic Relationship in the field of Physiotherapy. Some of my publications are in lines of research close to my work experience in the field of mental health, both in acute hospital and in psychiatric emergency services, always related to the therapeutic relationship.

My academic training began with a diploma in physiotherapy at the University Schools Gimbernat in Barcelona (1993-96), then the Official Master in Physiotherapy and Scientific Evidence at the International University of Catalonia (2010-11), concluding my training with the defense of the doctoral thesis “Experiences and perceptions of the quality of the therapeutic relationship between physiotherapists and patients of public health services in the Valencian community” at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in November 2016.

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